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Poseidon News

Fright Night at the Poseidon Annual Boxing Dinner Show

By poseidonabc, Nov 17 2016 09:40PM

Saturday 29th October was a busy day for Poseidon ABC. Whilst Becky Smith competed in the national championship final in Grantham, the remainder of the club prepared for its second annual boxing dinner show held at The Hilton at the Ageas Bowl. Poseidon teamed up with boxers from the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Boxing Association to offer an exciting bill, competing against clubs from across the country including a range of experience from skills bouts to open class competitions.

The entertainment began with two fantastic skills bouts involving two Poseidon juniors. The first was 12 year old Kieran Ray who joined Poseidon 20 months ago and has worked excetionally hard to be ready for his first bout; including losing nearly 17kg in weight. Now competing at 62kg he faced Barry Hutch from Coopers ABC. Both boxers demonstrated fantastic skill throughout the bout and in accodance with the rules of a skills bout, there was no decision on completion. Skills bouts offer participants the chance to step into the ring for the first time and experience a competitive bout without the pressure of striving for a successful result. Both boxers were an absolute credit to their respective clubs.

The second skills bout again involved a young boxer from Poseidon, 13 year old Declan Kerins. Declan faced Felix Doran representing Ferndown ABC and both boxers produced a fiery but skillful display of boxing and truly entertained the audience - an impressive undertaking for young lads who were new to performaning in the ring. Declan has waited a long time to step into the ring for the first time but proved his potential for the future.

The next bout involved Curtis Taylor at 38kg as he took on Waterside ABC's Max Turner and was the first competitive bout of the evening. A fast pace was set from the outset with both boxers demonstrating skill over aggression. It was a facinating and impressive contest for both boxers but Curtis showed mature ringcraft and great use of angles and phases to convince the judges to award him the victory in unanimous fashion.

Next up was Matt Winn who faced the first of the Hoddesdon boxers, Taylor Smith. Smith was an exceptionally tall southpaw who proved a handful for Matt. With a long reach and capable defenses, Smith made it difficult for Matt to get into range initially. Taking advantage of Smith's low front hand, though, Matt made good use of the overhand right hook to get into range and worked well on the inside. Matt put up a gallant performance and showed great character but on this occasion the judges decided that the Hoddesdon boxer had edged the decision.

Taylor Bevan at 54kg was the next Poseidon boxer to undertake the ring walk. He faced the second Waterside boxer, Ellis Davies. Two experienced and capable boxers didn't disappoint and treated the audience to cagey but explosive bout. A close affair but Taylor switched effectively between the head and the body, showing considerable strength with some sickening body shots to edge the judges decision. A great bout and one which both boxers should be very proud.

Caine Chapman was the next Poseidon boxer and the last of the junior representatives. He faced the second Hoddesdon boxer of the evening Harry Dickinson. A close bout ensued with Dickinson adopting a pro-style and Caine trying to force the action and work at close range. A scrappy affair at times, there was little to call between the two boxers but the judges found in the Hoddesdon boxer's favour on this occasion.

Sam Howard was the first of Poseidon senior boxers to compete. Facing a short stocky boxer from Golden Ring Tom Pigford, he started positively with a spearing jab keeping his opponent out of range; moving laterally and using great angles. Pigford struggled to land a clean shot early on but as the bout wore on, Sam's movement slowed and his opponent began to land some telling shots, which caught the eye of the judges. The stronger finish from the Golden Ring boxer convinced the judges of his success by split decision.

The first Royal Navy boxer, Sub Lieutenant Becky Carmen, took part in the only female bout of the evening. Facing Martina Kuca from Gym O1 she represented the Royal Navy & Royal Marines for the first time and boxed with aplomb. Using her tremendous reach to good advantage, she used straight shots to force back the head of her opponent as she charged forward. Predominantly finishing the exchanges, Becky seemed in charge of the bout throughout and the judges agreed with a unanimous decision.

Bradley Chapman, the first of the male Royal Navy boxers faced another opponent from Gym O1 Martin Saunders. Brad has his work cut out as he faced the flashy and experienced boxer with a preference for low hands and shoulder rolls. The Royal Navy boxer kept his composure and used his high work rate which was not to the taste of the Gym O1 boxer. Preferring to work at a slower tempo, Saunders tried to spoil by grabbing Brad's head endlessly in an attempt to nullify his tempo. The referee had had enough and took a point from Saunders, this gave Brad further momentum and he won by unanimous decision.

Liam 'Shorty' Short the last of the RNRMBA boxers, faced a very capable boxer from Hoddeston, Wesley Washington. Both boxers engaged in an entertaining clash, each landing telling shots and there was little to choose between them until the final round where Liam rolled under the Hoddeston boxer's rear hand and caught him with a peach of a left hook which buckled his legs and sent him collapsing to the canvas. Despite a brave effort to get to his feet before the count his legs hadn't quite recovered and the referee called a halt to the bout resulting in Shorty the victor by TKO.

The top of the bill and what turned out to he the bout of the night was a clash between Poseidon boxer Darryl Bath and Royal Navy boxer Ryan Bignall. Ryan started strongly, leading the attacks whilst Darryl chose to wait a little too long in the first half of the bout. Darryl grew in confidence though and started to land some solid shots and in the last round he began like a whirlwind catching Ryan with some sickening shots to even the tussle. The last minute was a slug-fest with nothing but courage and heart driving both competitors who were glad to see the final bell. Once again there was little to choose between them but Ryan was considered the winner by split points decision.

The evening was very kindly sponsored by 2 Six Leadership whose owner and Poseidon's Performance Coach Dave Bebbington, was on hand to present the trophies.


Junior Matt Winn in action

Taylor Bevan with father and coach Lester Bevan

SLT Becky Carmen receives her award from sponsors 2Six Leadership

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