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About Us

Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club is a community initiative established in partnership with Eastleigh Borough Council and Hampshire Cricket in the Community.  In 2013 we were extremely fortunate to have received a considerable grant from Eastleigh Borough Council which allowed us to convert one of the void spaces within the East Stand of The Ageas Bowl into a boxing gym. One of the aims of Hampshire Cricket in the Community is to promote sporting and leisure opportunities, as well as a healthy lifestyle within the local community. We were the first project to benefit from the Trust having received £25,000 of investment from the council to establish a state of the art training facility on the first floor of The Ageas Bowl's Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie Stand.  For more information about the Hamshire Cricket Community Trust or Eastleigh Borough Council click on the links to the left.


Since opening in 2013 Poseidon Boxing Club grew quickly with membership numbers topping 100 before the end of the first year.  With numbers in excess of 300 after 18 months, the existing facility could not support the demand with space at a premium so a cap on numbers was required.  A business plan was submitted to propose an extension of the gym into the neigbouring and unused mezzanine space.  With the potential to facilitate five times the current participants togther with an aim to increase disabled provision to the local community, the council agreed to further fund the project to the tune of £360,000.  In September 2015, an extension was formerly opened by the Mayor of Eastleigh, Councillor Jane Welch and former professional boxing world champion Alex Arthur MBE.  Poseidon ABC now boasts one of the best boxing facilities in the country; occupying over 5000 square feet, three competition rings each with a dedicated technique analysis suite, state of the art strength and conditioning equipment and experienced elite boxing coaching staff.  


We are an amateur boxing club that welcomes everyone through our doors.  We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, enjoyable environment whilst providing high quality boxing coaching, strength, conditioning and sports therapy.  Whether your goal is to become an Olympic athlete or just to give amateur boxing a try, we offer every one of our members elite training resources, one to one training and a safe and effective learning environment regardless of ability and without discrimination.


Come and pay us a visit and give amateur boxing a try, there is no pressure to compete, we just want you to enjoy all the benefits that our sport can offer.


Our Name


According to ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon was a revered God of the sea and as such the name upholds a maritime link between its Royal Navy founders and the Club.  The iconic trident carried by Poseidon represents the three key pillars of sporting provision offered by Poseidon ABC namely i) high quality and experienced coaching  ii) strength, conditioning and nutritional advice and iii) medical care and sports therapy.  Finally Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympic deities of the Pantheon and represents the potential for any one of our members to reach the highest level of sporting performance.