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Boxing Timetable

Who do we cater for?


The aim of our Club is to be inclusive; offering a varied programme for all ages, abilities, aims and objectives.  Whether you are looking to become a competitive boxer or purely looking to use boxing training as a means of losing weight or keeping fit, Poseidon has something to offer you.


Junior's Sessions - Classes for 7-15 year old boys and girls and provide competitive and recreational boxing training, based on a structured training programme which complements the premise of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).  The programme will include technical boxing training, health and fitness development, the opportunity to compete in regular competition consummate with an individual’s experience and ability, the emphasis is placed on fun and enjoyment with no pressure to compete or partake in the contact element of the sport.


Senior's Sessions - Classes for men and women aged 16 and over providing a structured programme of boxing training which is open to competitive and non-competitive members.  Classes will include technique training, strength & conditioning, fitness and sparring for competitive members.  An individualised training programme will be offered to every member that considers fundamental training principles and tailors our package to the individual.


Squad Sessions - Squad sessions are for junior and senior competitive boxing members.  These sessions concentrate on sparring, boxing tactics, one to one boxing specific  strength, conditioning and fitness training.


Women's Boxercise - This is an opportunity for women to enjoy the benefits of boxing training who may feel intimidated by a male dominated gym environment. The hope is that these sessions will encourage more women into amateur boxing; as they increase in confidence they may wish to and will be encouraged to, take part in mixed senior sessions.


Boxing Bootcamp -  Designed purely for recreational participants, this is an opportunity to enjoy the positive physical and health benefits boxing training can provide in a circuit style class.  Classes will be enjoyable, varied and challenging but are open to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.  

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