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Poseidon News

By poseidonabc, Jun 28 2020 07:53PM

Gym Update

We hope that everyone is managing in these challenging times and that you are all staying healthy and well.

Sadly and despite our hopes, the Government announcement last week to open more public facilities in July did not include gyms, therefore we remain closed until further notice. For Poseidon, our closure is compounded by the use of The Ageas Bowl as one of the few Bio-Secure International Test Series venues until at least mid-September so we will not be opening until after this date.

It is very unlikely, when we do return to training inside the gym from September, that it will return to the way it was. It is probable that training will be permitted only in small groups, with appropriate social distancing and without contact training or sharing of equipment. Given that the style of training for the foreseeable future will change unrecognisably from that which you signed up for, we will cancel all current subscriptions and memberships, and all contracts will be ended.

What are we doing until the gym opens?

For those of you who are itching to do some training, we will be offering outdoor fitness training sessions in various locations which will adhere to current Government guidelines. Groups will consist of no more than 5 members, plus one coach. Sessions will be socially distanced therefore there will be no sharing of equipment, no partner work and no pads. Sessions will concentrate on basic boxing skills and strength and conditioning.

In order to ensure that we have no more than 5 persons per session, we will be using the Glofox booking system and a small, nominal fee will be charged to secure the booking on a pay as you go basis. More information about locations, timings, charges and booking methods will be promulgated in the next week.

If there are any questions, concerns, comments or requests, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Best wishes and stay safe

Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club