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Poseidon News

Poseidon hosts a series of Lifelong Workshops

By poseidonabc, Aug 15 2017 09:03PM

Poseidon is delighted to be working with Master Personal Trainer Daniel Fallon of Lifelong to host a series of workshops and classes which help to develop 'Lifelong' injury prevention techniques whilst enjoying a fun and fulfilling workout.

'The Glutes Workshop' to be held on Saturday 30th September 10am-1pm at Poseidon at The Ageas Bowl, is the first in the series. It aims to introduce the art and the science of developing shapely glutes which, far more than offering aesthetic benefits, can prevent common injuries such as lower back pain and knee pain. This workshop will be followed by an optional six week Glutes Course package where a maximum of 5 participants will work together with Daniel to develop the techniques for an hour per week. This will commence on Friday 20th October 6-7pm.

Also starting on Friday 20th October is the Lifelong Movements class. This class offers a unique strength and conditioning workout that focuses on developing correct movement patterns for undertaking normal everyday movements thereby reducing the risk of injury throughout life. This class will be from 7.30-8.30pm every Friday from 20th September.

A Lifelong Movements class will also be offered to a more senior audience. Strength training and correct movement are key to preventing injury especially the older you become. A class for the over 50s will be offered every Friday from 5-6pm commencing on Friday 20th October.

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