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How much does it cost to join?

Your first session is free so you can 'try before you buy'.  If you are over 18 there is a one-off charge of £15 to join the club and training sessions are £4 per session or £8 for the week and you can attend as many eligible sessions as you wish.  If you are under 18 there is a one-off charge of £10 to join the club and training sessions are £3 per session or £6 for the week and you can attend as many eligible sessions as you wish.  If you have multiple family members wishing to join the club, each subsequent family member will be charged only a £5 joining fee.


I am new to boxing, which session should I attend?

If you are 16 or over you can attend sessions on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (7.15-9pm) or Sunday Boxing Bootcamp 10-11am.  If you are under 16 you can attend the Junior Sessions on a Monday or Thursday 6-7pm or the Boxing Bootcamp on a Sunday 10-11am.  For the Women's Boxercise on a Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm you can be any age (but you must be female!).  At all of these sessions we will place you in a group of similar experience and ability and show you the basics of boxing skill.


I'm not interested in competing, I just want to keep fit - does Poseidon cater for fitness members?

Yes it certainly does.  The majority of our members train at Poseidon because it is a friendly, fun and enjoyable place to keep fit.  There is absolutely no obligation to compete or to engage in competitive boxing.  We welcome fitness enthusiasts and those who wish to get fit and we can cater for any level of fitness or ability.


I'm not very fit will I be able to cope with the intensity?

Poseidon caters for all levels and fitness abilities - from those who struggle to get off the sofa, to the super fit - we ensure that your training is matched to you.  We will teach you the basics of boxing training and during the boxing circuits you determine how hard you work - you can rest at any time.


What equipment do I need?

Very little in fact!  You need to wear comfortable clothes, wear a pair of training shoes and bring a bottle of water as we currently don't have access to a water fountain (although we do have drinks for sale at a reasonable price).  We can provide boxing gloves, pads and headguards.  If you wish to become competitive or you are currently competing you may wish to purchase your own boxing boots and hand wraps as we do not provide these items of equipment.  


I am interested in competing, do you cater for competitive boxers?

We have over thirty competitive, England Boxing carded boxers at the gym ranging from development to England Internationals.  If you are new to boxing and are interested in competing, we will teach you the basics and offer you the opportunity to progress in the sport to as far as you wish to go as safely as possible.  If you are already experienced, we offer you a wealth of competitive opportunities.  We host a number of boxing shows throughout the year, we compete in regular shows across the country and abroad.


I am interested in White Collar Boxing - do you offer this?

We are an England Boxing Affiliated club and therefore we do not facilitate any form of white collar or unlicensed boxing.


Where is Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club?

Poseidon is located in the East Stand of The Ageas Bowl.  To find The Ageas Bowl, follow the brown signs from Junction 7 of the M27.  Once you enter The Ageas Bowl complex continue up the hill and down the other side.  You will see a square car park on your right hand side with a wooden pavilion at the back; park here if you are driving.  Opposite the car park is the East Stand.  If you look at the outside of the East Stand you will see some large glass windows and doors.  Enter the East Stand through these doors and proceed to the first floor where you will find Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club.


Do you offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions?

Poseidon's head coach, Stuart O'Connor a GB coach and AIBA 3* coach offers 1-2-1 and small group sessions.  If you would like to know more please contact him on [email protected] or call his mobile on 07859905024.


I have a disability or I require additional coaching support - can I attend Poseidon?

You are welcome to try any of our boxing sessions but they can become busy and may not suit all participants.  We operate a specific inclusive boxing session on a Wednesday 5.30 - 6.30pm which caters for both junior and senior members with physical or learning difficulties, mental health issues or those who require a little more coaching support.  Please contact us here if you are intereted in taking part in our inclusive session.  


What times are your boxing sessions?

At present we are open four nights a week and during the day on Sunday's - our session timings can be found below:

Timetable Capture 2016