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Lucy's Biography

Stuart’s wife of 4 years, Lucy has recently retired as a competitive boxer. Having been introduced to the sport by her husband 10 years ago at the age of 23 and been coached by him throughout, she has achieved notable success in this short boxing career.  Lucy has been crowned 5 times National Champion, has been an active international boxer for England for the last 6 years and captained the inaugural Women’s Great Britain Boxing Team.  Lucy was the first ever female European Union Gold medalist, she is a world qualifying tournament silver medalist, and has been ranked within the top five in the world at three different weight categories.  Initially she had sights set on Olympic participation in London 2012, but due to ill health was forced to retire from the Great Britain Team.  Lucy, however, was still inherently involved in Olympic Boxing in London 2012 as she was appointed as a commentator and boxing analyst by the BBC for the women’s Olympic boxing event.


As a qualified coach since 2008 she achieved the UKCC level 2 club coach award in 2011.  Throughout her boxing career she has used her experience to regularly mentor and coach boxers within and outside of the Royal Navy.  Soon to qualify as a Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist, Lucy brings a unique element to the team.  Able to provide pre-habilitation, muscle and biomechanical assessment, sports injury treatment and rehabilitation and sports trauma management to all club’s members; she significantly contributes to our team ensuring that we truly offer ‘elite training resources open to all’.  Professionally Lucy has served 11 years as an officer in the Royal Navy and has had a varied career.  Her wealth of experience as a boxer, a coach, a sports therapist and a leader and manager means she is a considerable resource to Poseidon ABC.