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'Superbia in Proelia'

Pride in Battle

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Our Club


Our amateur boxing club is 'not for profit' and registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) with charitable status.  This means that all financial contributions made to the Club by its members will directly benefit those members.  Our main focus is to provide elite facilities for, and promote participation in amateur boxing throughout the whole community. This focus includes provision for both recreational and competitive boxing but also has a third dimension.  We aim to include the wider society through initiatives which encourage social inclusion, education, volunteering and personal development in order to help engender an 'espirit de corps' within the local community.


We recognise that every one of our members who walks through the door is a unique individual.  As such we aim to offer a professional and enjoyable training environment that is uniquely tailored to you whilst encouraging a wider team spirit within the Club.  We offer the highest level of coaching expertise together with the provision for strength, conditioning, nutrition and sports therapy.  We aim to offer Olympic grade training provision for all of our members, regardless of ability, in order to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to reach their highest potential.


'Superbia in Proelia' or Pride in Battle is our Club's motto. It conveys our aims to instill a sense of pride for every one of our members, not only through achievements in in the boxing ring but also  by winning personal battles and gaining a sense of achievement through physical training, education and personal development outside of the competitive environment.