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Stuart's Biography

Stuart has been involved in boxing for over 20 years and was, until recently, the Royal Navy and Combined Services Head Coach before he changed roles in accordance with the protocols of the Service.  He is a current England International Coach and has recently performed World Class performance coaching duties for Great Britain and Antigua.  He has led numerous international camps including senior men's and women's European and World Championships, Three Nations tournaments with schoolboys and juniors, International duals and an Olympic qualifying tournament in Rio de Janeiro.  As one of the leading coaches in the country he is a UKCC Level 4 Advanced Coach, Coach Educator and Coach Assessor with the expertise and qualifications to lead and assess to the advanced level 4 coaching qualification.  He is level 3 on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and holds a Certificate to Teach in Life Long Learning Sector (CTLLLS).  


Stuart is also a former Royal Navy and Combined Service Heavyweight Champion, ranked within the top ten heavyweights in Great Britain.  Professionally he has served 16 years in the Royal Navy as a Physical Training Instructor and as a Petty Officer he has had a wealth of experience in both the physical training environment and middle management.  During his three year appointment as Royal Navy Coach Stuart has seen seven of his boxers awarded an England International vest, one box for Great Britain, and one reach an Olympic qualifying tournament for Antigua; many of these international representatives he has coached from raw novice level.  He is recognised as one of the most highly qualified and talented amateur boxing coaches in Britain and therefore offers an invaluable resource to Poseidon ABC.